The 18-Day Meditation Dedication

What is your Point of Attraction?

Your point of attraction is like your higher self / your higher consciousness / your consciousness / your soul / the part of you that is always, intangibly, invisibly there, engaging energetically with the world around you. Your point of attraction, when connected to your mind, your emotions, and your physical body, will actually start attracting more high energy frequencies and experiences into your life. The more you focus on strengthening, growing, and raising the vibration of your point of attraction, the faster you will see results. 

Ready to raise your vibration?


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what's inside the 18-Days of Meditation Dedication?

You can let life steer you in any which way, or you can grab the reigns, gain back control, and live a life overflowing with positivity and joy!


An instructional intro video from Amanda with insight, tips, and guidance.


36 meditation practices intended to center your energy, allowing you to be present in your visualizations.


A closing reflections video with intentional living tips and various ways to continue utilizing this practice.


Infinite access to all recordings.


A 365-day affirmation agenda to keep you accountable for the thoughts you’re allowing to flow through you.


BONUS: Daily emails with reminders, insights, and themes.


BONUS: Interactive PDF with all meditations linked.


BONUS: List of links to Crystal & Smudging Resources for a Meditation Kit 

Amanda Rieger Green, MPH

Founder | Soul Pathology

Amanda is a passionate advocate, teacher and thought leader on the crucial intersections of spirituality, human potential, public health and inspiring personal and collective evolution.

Amanda empowers clients, reflecting their innate abilities to and through them at these intersections to create tangible, meaningful results on micro and macro scales. She uses her profound abilities as a precognitive to understand the needs of individuals and varying populations to provide groundbreaking Soul-utions for their unique practical objectives and visionary aims.

Her greatest gift of service is helping individuals and organizations alike access their innate potential and abilities through her unprecedented and internationally recognized expertise as a precognitive and psychic medium.

After this


You will likely find a greater sense of peace and ease in your day, You may heal things like anxiety, an overactive mind, emotional stress or trauma, fear, physical pain, anything that feels disconnected to you energetically or spiritually, a lack of meaning or purpose, apathy, depression.

Higher Vibrational Frequency

This meditation dedication is really designed to harness your I AM, your ability to attract and manifest higher vibrational experiences, while strengthening your point of attraction, and tapping into your innate wisdom. The higher version of your consciousness brought into yourself.

Strengthened Intuition

Mentally, this practice will help you to create a greater sense of clarity and ease, cut down on the list making, monkey-mind, analysis paralysis, the mental distraction that we are so used to creating. This will help you clarify your emotions, and better name, process, feel, and recognize your emotions.

Your higher self is waiting.